Past Events

GYNECA x Planned Parenthood

April 4, 2022

In April, we collaborated with Planned Parenthood Generation at Columbia to discuss the tampon tax and its effect on the health of menstruators everywhere. We hosted Madeleine Morales, Barnard College senior and Mailman School of Public Health MPH Candidate, to discuss her inspiring and impactful advocacy work with organization Period Equity to remove the tampon tax. Morales shared how she successfully challenged multiple states’ Tampon Tax impositions and filed for tax refund petitions, ultimately leading to the abolishment of the unjust financial barrier in many states. We concluded our meeting with a Q&A and engaging group conversation about how we, as students passionate about women’s health and reproductive justice, can contribute to achieving menstrual equity. GYNECA is grateful for the opportunity to team up with other student organizations, like PPGen, to highlight students who are making a difference in women’s health.