Instructions for GYNECA Original Research Submissions

As a newer journal, we are interested in publishing research of a preliminary, introductory, and supplementary nature. This would not only be a great opportunity for students to get their work published, but also ensures that data/results of larger projects would NOT be compromised by publishing with us.


  • Primary author must be enrolled in an undergraduate institution, high school, or post-baccalaureate program.
    • Other contributors (PIs, mentors, graduate students, post-doctors, lab managers, etc.) should be listed as secondary authors.
    • Principal investigators should be listed as the last author.
  • Principal investigator must sign this form [link] agreeing to the publication of this research.
  • Submitted manuscript must be original research. However, as a newer journal, we welcome publishing research of a preliminary, introductory, and supplementary nature
    • Data/results of larger projects would NOT be compromised; research submissions
  • Primary author(s) must be willing to work with peer editors in revising the submission if it is selected or seriously considered for publication. Upon review, promising but incomplete manuscripts may be offered consideration in the next issue and complemented by faculty or GYNECA comments for revision.
  • Author(s) must consent to publication if their manuscript is selected for publication.
  • Authors must respond to inquiries from GYNECA editorial staff in a timely manner.

  • Structure and Style

  • Manuscript should be of similar style and structure to that of typical articles published in professional journals.
  • In general, your submission might include sections for an Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, References, and Figures/Tables. See Manuscript Content section for more details.
  • Supplementary Materials may be submitted along with manuscript.
  • To ensure integrity of the peer review process, please either submit an anonymized copy (no name/personal identifier in the header, footer, or body) in addition to your named submission, OR provide an editable version so we can redact your identifiers when sending for review.
  • Please review the Guidelines for Original Research Submissions prior to submitting.

  • Additional Forms


    How to Submit

    Please submit your manuscript via this google form.